Helping Seniors add productive years to their lives through health and fitness.



Health Begins Here

Are you a senior that have any of the following?
• Arthritis
• Bone density problems, such as Osteoporosis
• Balance problems
• Mobility difficulties (hip, knees, shoulders, ankles)
Aging causes deterioration in muscles, bones, and
connective tissues. Building muscular strength and
improving flexibility helps prevent falls and bone
fractures. Keeping your independence is the main
goal to enjoying senior years.
We specialize in resistance training, balance, and
flexibility exercises for seniors that are designed to
help with everyday activities.


Fort Collins Seniors

Fort Collins has a very vibrant and active senior community that is growing every year. Living well into your eighties and nineties, as a senior you want to make sure that every single year is more healthy and productive than the last. This means finding a health and wellness program that specifically caters to your needs as a senior.


New fitness facilities and gyms are popping up every week in Fort Collins. Due to the fact that this is a college town just about all the facilities and programs are directed at the youth.  While some gyms in Fort Collins offer a very limited Silver Sneakers program that will get you access to the facility , they do very little to provide and promote programs specifically designed for seniors.


This is why I have partnered with the Fort Collins Senior Center and Fort Collins Senior Center Friends to provide and promote the best Health and Wellness programs for all seniors in Fort Collins. I want  to encourage all seniors to take personal interest in your own personal health and wellness by taking full advantage of the fitness facility at the Senior Center.


Find out how you can receive free personal training by signing up and becoming a member of Fort Collins Senior Center Friends.


Fort Collins Senior Center Friends website and Facebook page coming soon.


For all other information regarding Fort Collins Senior Center Friends contact Barbara Schoenberger.


With 20 years experience as a Master Trainer
Senior Exercise Specialist and Body Transformation Specialist,
I combine classic bodybuilding exercises from the Golden Era with modern-day proper form and technique to get you the best results in the shortest time. Specializing in exercise design for seniors and extreme weight loss,
nutrition counseling for sports and exercise as well as building lean muscle mass in older adults. I will get you in the best shape of your life and you will become the best and healthiest version of yourself at any age.

  •  Certified Master Trainer

  • Certified Exercise Design for Seniors

  • Certified Physical Therapy Aide/Massage Therapist

  • Certified Fighting Obesity: A Practical Approach

  • Certified Nutrition for Sports and Exercise

  • Certified Emergency Response/CPR

  • Speaker -Inspiring Fitness


Fort Collins, CO, USA